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I strive to create portraits that reveal the unique qualities of the individuals portrayed — inner strength, authenticity, playfulness, beauty, resilience, etc. 

I use photos of your loved ones as reference materials. You may provide these or I might shoot the photographs myself if geography allows. Style, content, size and pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before beginning. 

I also greatly enjoy working from your vintage family photos – re-imagining scenes of past memories and special loved ones.

Recent & Past Commissions


"I hope you realize how much this painting means to me and to my family. To lose your best friend and the first person to love you has been the most difficult thing I have ever faced.  This painting, and working with you on it has been extremely therapeutic and healing for me. While it’s been almost three months, I can feel her presence again and know she would love the painting as much as I do."  –MJ

“I just got home and saw the wonderful painting you did of S [recently deceased beloved pet]. I just stood and cried. You captured her so beautifully. Even though you only had photos of her when she was sick, you allowed the vitality to show through. She looks so much more vibrant and wise than her photos. I just love it ... it is so much more than what the camera captured. It is what our hearts see. 
Thank you.” –EP

“Just wanted to let you know that your painting was received with massive appreciation. R was truly awed by it and marveled both at your technique and “how she looked”. Her mother calls it “spectacular”... So once again thank you for your marvelous vision!” –DM

“I love the painting that you did of my grandparents and it hangs in a place where they can watch over me. I am so glad I discovered you.” –HL

“Wow, you totally captured my family in the portrait [of subject and his father]. I was so surprised to not only see my dad and myself in your painting but also my brother and sister in us. Over the years people have commented that my dad and brother look alike – a resemblance I never saw until now. Before now, I never saw a resemblance between my sister and myself – which is even more amazing. It’s unbelievable you got all that from one photo. I so like your work that I knew that I was in good hands and that the final product would be first rate.” –PC

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